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Tuesday, 20 Feb 2018

Military Advertising Services



General Advertising


Military Media Inc. has been the advertising representative for official military installation newspapers and military publications for more than 38 years.

The FlagshipMilitary Media Inc. handles all details of ad placement on your behalf. Send us one insertion order and the necessary production material. We will send out orders to the military publications, collect tearsheets and centralize the billing to you.

Military publications are the local "hometown" newspapers for the military, containing vital day to day informFort Hood Sentinelation that military personnel and their families can obtain through no other source: changes in regulations, local sports, Exchange and Commissary sales, births, transfers, promotions, daily base movie listings, entertainment schedules, religious services, bus schedules, on-base classified ads, and much more (even school menus, so meals won't be duplicated at home).

The military base newspaper is the only publication that is allowed by the military to be distributed through "official channels" - to individual family housing units, barracks, offices and other work areas that are used exclusively by base personnel. These areas are off-limits to other publications. Circulation is tightly controlled by the military. Generally, one copy is printed for every four people attached to the base.

CourierMilitary publications can be bought individually or as a group: regionally, demographically, by sales area, by branch of service, etc..

We have extensive marketing and demographic information available for the military market, including the military publications. For example, our research studies rank military bases by retail sales (Exchange/Commissary) and population (Active Duty/Families). Please ask us for any information that might be helpful to you.

Click here to see a list of base newspapers.

Learn more about the military publications today. Call us 845-454-7900 or email now.



Military Base Newspaper FSI Program

The Military Base Newspaper FSI is published monthly and inserted in the base newspapers of the 43 largest military bases nationwide. It highlights sales prices at the commissaries (military grocery stores) as well as advertising for a variety of services such as insurance, vacation discounts and other offers exclusively for a military audience.

In addition to the military base newspapers, the FSI is distributed in multiple media channels:

Click here for circulation details

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Recruitment Advertising

 We have been the recruitment advertising representative for all military base newspapers for over 38 years. Advertisers and advertising agencies can select military bases according to areas of specialty, such as:

● Computers
● Communication
● Logistic Centers
● Medical Centers
● Ship Yards
● Naval Warfare Centers
● Scientific Research and Development Centers

From engineers, technicians, and computer doctors and nurses, people for almost every job description can be found in the U.S. Armed Forces. They have been "military trained," which means that for most occupations they have received the best training available in the world.

Our research department will customize media plans that will identify those military bases containing the specific type of personnel you are seeking.

Every month an average of 25,000 of these highly skilled professionals complete their military service and return to civilian life. When looking for employment, these prospects rely on the source they know and trust, their base newspaper. You also reach the civilian specialists employed by the military.

Because of our years of experience and technical knowledge regarding the functions and activities at each military base, our clients have the advantage of being able to pinpoint their recruitment efforts at locations with the best response potential.

Learn more about military recruitment advertising and the military publications. 

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Military Website Advertising

Internet advertising is on the rise and in today’s digital world, military website advertising is essential to any military outreach campaign. Military consumers are accessing the internet more and more frequently throughout the day. Military base websites offer information including local and national military news and events, DoD news and information, editorial features, entertainment news and events and much more, thus military service members and their families are accessing the military base websites for pertinent news daily. With mobile devices, tablets, e-readers and more, the military consumer is subject to electronic ads with every tap of their finger. Gain unlimited access to the military market with military website advertising and Military Media.

Why military website advertising? Military website advertising has proven success. The military community appreciates military recognition and pursues special military offers, savings and promotions, notably those offered online. Being that the military community seeks out military promotions, military website advertising campaigns targeting service members and their families often receive higher than average click-thru rates. These consumers are genuinely interested in your digital ads! Military website advertising allows the user to interact and engage with your brand or message instantaneously. With the option to incorporate animation, interactive features and sound, military website advertising permits extensive creative freedom and ensures increased consumer responsiveness. Additionally, military website advertising allows your brand or message to extend beyond typical media limitations and offers 24/7 exposure and a global military expanse.

Contact Military Media at or call us at 845-454-7900 for military website advertising information and pricing.


Sponsored Content now offers online branding opportunities via digital content advertising.  In today’s constantly connected world, digital content advertising is the newest form of marketing that subtly highlights your product, brand or message in a seamless manner that truly allures the consumers’ attention and responsiveness.  Our military spouse bloggers are cleverly swaying consumer buying patterns with advertorial content that is accessible worldwide and promoted on various social media platforms, expanding your brand or message to limitless bounds within the military online community. 

Targeting the military is no easy feat, but with our expanse and expertise in this niche market, your military digital campaign is bound to succeed.  Reap the rewards of military digital content marketing:

  • Immediate ROI with military consumers clicking through to your website or selected URL
  • Attain brand loyalty with military community via esteemed peer influence
  • Stay relevant with military consumers in the digital world
  • Captivate military consumers with real life significance
  • Include content that is not easily condensed into print or digital banner advertising


Don't miss out on the lucrative military market for another moment. Email Military Media or call us 845-454-7900 now.

Digital Banner Advertising

Electronic banner advertising options to reach the approximately 85,000 military consumers frequenting are available to advertisers looking for:

  • Immediate response
  • Efficiency
  • Data tracking
  • Industry specific targeting

With a multitude of sizes, positions and industry targeting options offered, advertisers will be privy to the benefits of digital banner advertising to reach the military community on 

Need more info? Email us at

Email Marketing

100% opt in email list is the only way to practice good email marketing technique and that’s what we do!  Our email list contains approximately 85,000 (+/- 10%) 100% permission based, opt in registrants and our advertisers see the benefits of those good practices in email tracking data.  With higher than average open and click through rates, advertisers have the advantage of knowing that our consumers WANT to receive their offers. 

All exclusive email broadcasts are delivered using servers.  Take advantage of our expertly designed email broadcasts created by at no additional charge.  Military email advertisers have the advantage of reduced time and effort, real time delivery, frequent communications, message expanse via email forwarding, data tracking and immediate consumer response via clickthroughs.  

Start your military email marketing campaign. Email us or call 845-454-7900.

Direct Mail

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Military Family Direct Mail List

With our direct mail marketing program our goal is to make your direct mail campaign as simple and smooth as possible. With over 150,000 addresses of active duty military families residing in on-base family housing your brands promotional materials and messages have a guaranteed audience. We help many companies and brands achieve their direct mail marketing needs in a professional and efficient manner. Whether you're a national or local company we strive to offer the best customer service possible. We make sure you get the best value for your money.

Click here to view the data card for the Military Family Residents list.


Contact Military Media at or call us at 845-454-7900 for military advertising information and pricing.





Judy Johnson Military Family Mailbox

Judy Johnson's Military Family Mailbox direct mail reaches 100,000 active duty military family addresses at military bases nationwide. There are four mailings a year received prior to major events and holidays.  The Judy Johnson's Military Family Mailbox envelope is sent to the address, not to the name of the family.  When one military family moves out of the home, it will be occupied by another military family.  This solves the main problem of any military mailing list, updating to ensure all recipients are indeed military families.

While much of the base mail is delivered by the Military Post Office, all mail for family housing is delivered by the US Post Office, just like any other civilian mail.


Email us at or call 845-454-7900 for military advertising information and pricing.

Direct mail offers many advantages to marketers:

● It reaches only active duty families. They are young and starting to create brand loyalties.
● Only one coupon per family. No multiple redemptions by the same shopper. Fair and even distribution of coupons.
● It gets into the homes, and generates new trials and brand users.
● You get the first -strike advantage. By reaching shoppers before they come to the store.
● 100% in-home circulation.  The only direct mail program available that can provide 100% in-home coverage.

Click here for the media brochure, rates and mailing dates.


Contact Military Media at or call us at 845-454-7900 for military advertising information and pricing.


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Mobile App Advertising

What better way to reach your potential military consumers than in the palm of their hand?  Mobile app advertising puts your brand or message in front of military consumers where they spend their time connected to the digital world.  The sheer power of military mobile advertising as the majority of internet traffic shifts from PC to smartphones and tablets is irrefutable.   With over two-thirds of mobile subscribers in the U.S. owning smartphones [Q4 2013], and consumers spending approximately 3.3 hours per day on them, mobile app advertising to reach the military is a no brainer.  And with SCOUT Military Discounts, a mobile app that puts information about military discounts at the fingertips of veterans, active military and their families, what better way to execute your military campaign and get your message direct to the military audience looking exclusively for military deals?

Why advertise on the SCOUT Military Discounts mobile app? 

  • Exclusive to Military
  • Unique Mobile Military App
  • Young Millennial Audience
  • Geo-location Marketing
  • Category Specific Search
  • Timed Promotions
  • Grass Roots Audience Participation

Now that smartphones have officially become an extension of the consumers' being…keys-check, wallet-check, smartphone-check, relevant advertisers are utilizing mobile app advertising to achieve brand visibility and recognition. 

Contact Military Media at or call us at 845-454-7900 for military advertising information and pricing.


Out of Home

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Military Out of Home Media

Military out of home advertising opportunities are incredibly diverse.  Our wide selection of military out of home media reaches those living, working and shopping on base.  In addition to targeting the military population where they frequent on base, such as fitness centers, dining facilities, and recreation and community centers, military outdoor media also includes local convenient stores, gas stations, highways and heavily trafficked streets off base.  Our selection of military out of home media opportunities provides a multitude of possibilities for your brand or campaign to successfully target military personnel and their families.  

Advertisers may select from:
•    Military Base Posters
•    Vinyl Banners
•    Bowling Alley Monitors
•    Networked Digital Screens
•    Movie Theatre Screens
•    Convenience Store/Gas Station Posters
•    Billboards
•    Digital Billboards
•    8-Sheet Posters
•    Transit Shelters


Consumers spend 70% of their waking hours outside of the home.  Outdoor advertising enables the advertiser to expand their brand or message and achieve consumer visibility where the consumer spends the majority of their time. 


Advertisers benefit greatly from outdoor media due to their ability to direct their advertising to a very specific demographic.  Advertisers can select from regional or national coverage based on their media objectives.  Military out of home media is available at over 150 military installations across the U.S.


Military out of home advertising has proven success due to the consumer’s likelihood to return to the same locations.  This monotony means repeated exposure where the consumer works, shops, travels and plays.

Gain access to the full palette of military out of home media with Military Media, Inc and have the strength and expertise of an agency working for you.


Contact Military Media at or call us at 845-454-7900 for military advertising information and pricing.

Survey & Market Research

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Military Surveys & Military Market Research

Conduct a military market research survey with Military Media Inc. and acquire valuable investigation data that may propel you into the military market or preserve misused advertising campaign funds.  Our ability to promote surveys and target the military community through various platforms enables our clients to retrieve personalized, military industry insight and market relevant data pertaining to their product, brand or campaign inaccessible from any other source.  Military Media will conduct your military survey on our military consumer site, and promote participation via multiple platforms including:

  • Online
  • Opt-in email
  • Social Media
  • Print

Surveys conducted through Military Media will target key participants in excess of 100,000.  Participants will include:

  • Active Duty Military
  • Retirees
  • Veterans
  • Transitioning Military Personnel
  • Military Spouses

Contact Military Media at or call us at 845-454-7900 for military advertising information and pricing.