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Tuesday, 20 Feb 2018

Military Out of Home Media


Military out of home advertising opportunities are incredibly diverse.  Our wide selection of military out of home media reaches those living, working and shopping on base.  In addition to targeting the military population where they frequent on base, such as fitness centers, dining facilities, and recreation and community centers, military outdoor media also includes local convenient stores, gas stations, highways and heavily trafficked streets off base.  Our selection of military out of home media opportunities provides a multitude of possibilities for your brand or campaign to successfully target military personnel and their families.  

Advertisers may select from:
•    Military Base Posters
•    Vinyl Banners
•    Bowling Alley Monitors
•    Networked Digital Screens
•    Movie Theatre Screens
•    Convenience Store/Gas Station Posters
•    Billboards
•    Digital Billboards
•    8-Sheet Posters
•    Transit Shelters


Consumers spend 70% of their waking hours outside of the home.  Outdoor advertising enables the advertiser to expand their brand or message and achieve consumer visibility where the consumer spends the majority of their time. 


Advertisers benefit greatly from outdoor media due to their ability to direct their advertising to a very specific demographic.  Advertisers can select from regional or national coverage based on their media objectives.  Military out of home media is available at over 150 military installations across the U.S.


Military out of home advertising has proven success due to the consumer’s likelihood to return to the same locations.  This monotony means repeated exposure where the consumer works, shops, travels and plays.

Gain access to the full palette of military out of home media with Military Media, Inc and have the strength and expertise of an agency working for you. 

For more information on military out of home media on base and off, contact Military Media Inc. at or call 845-454-7900.