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Tuesday, 20 Feb 2018

Military Recruitment Advertising

 We have been the recruitment advertising representative for all military base newspapers for over 38 years. Advertisers and advertising agencies can select military bases according to areas of specialty, such as:

● Computers

● Communication

● Logistic Centers

● Medical Centers

● Ship Yards

● Naval Warfare Centers

● Scientific Research and Development Centers


From engineers, technicians, and computer doctors and nurses, people for almost every job description can be found in the U.S. Armed Forces. They have been "military trained," which means that for most occupations they have received the best training available in the world.

Our research department will customize media plans that will identify those military bases containing the specific type of personnel you are seeking.

Every month an average of 25,000 of these highly skilled professionals complete their military service and return to civilian life. When looking for employment, these prospects rely on the source they know and trust, their base newspaper. You also reach the civilian specialists employed by the military.

Because of our years of experience and technical knowledge regarding the functions and activities at each military base, our clients have the advantage of being able to pinpoint their recruitment efforts at locations with the best response potential.

Please email for a detailed report tailored to your needs.