Base Newspapers and MWR Magazines

Military Media Inc. has been the military advertising agency and advertising representative for the official military installation newspapers for more than 40 years. As a military advertising agency, Military Media Inc. handles all details of ad placement on your behalf. Send us one insertion order and the necessary production material. We will send out orders to the newspapers, collect tearsheets and centralize the billing to you. These media are the local "hometown" newspapers for the military, containing vital day to day information that military personnel and their families can obtain through no other source: changes in regulations, local sports, Exchange and Commissary sales, births, transfers, promotions, daily base movie listings, entertainment schedules, religious services, bus schedules, on-base classified ads, and much more (even school menus, so meals won't be duplicated at home). The base newspaper is the only publication that is allowed by the military to be distributed through "official channels" - to individual family housing units, barracks, offices and other work areas that are used exclusively by base personnel. These areas are off-limits to other publications. Circulation is tightly controlled by the military. Generally, one copy is printed for every four people attached to the base. Our military newspapers can be bought individually or as a group: regionally, demographically, by sales area, by branch of service, etc.. Our military advertising agency has extensive marketing and demographic information available for the military market. For example, our research studies rank military bases by retail sales (Exchange/Commissary) and population (Active Duty/Families).